Reopening of Buchan Indoor Bowling Club

The committee of BIBC would like to thank all the members for their patience, during this strange times
we find ourselves in, whilst we have been carrying out preparations to allow the safe reopening of the
We have been following the guidance of the SIBA, Sports Scotland and the Scottish Government on the
things we are obligated to do and put in place, prior to recommencing bowling.
We have acted in the best interests of the club and its members, and have tried to cover all angles with
the risk assessments we have in place. To that end, there will be things we have missed or not covered
completely. If any member has any questions, please approach a committee member with their query.
All members will find things strange initially, but we are confident and hopeful, that all will feel
comfortable whilst playing the sport we love.
The club will be open on Sunday 20 th September from 10 am until 6 pm for the collection of fees and to
allow members to put their names down for club leagues.
The club will open for bowling on Tuesday 22 nd September.
Initially there will be hats from 1145 to 1315, 1345 to 1515 on Tuesdays and Fridays. 1830 to 2000 on
Wednesdays and Saturdays. If demand for these are high, further hats may be introduced.
Rinks may be booked for bounce games in the evenings, until we return to a regular league structure.
All games MUST be pre booked. Please DO NOT arrive at the club if you do not have a pre booked game.
This includes hat games.
There will be hat lists and booking sheets available in the club.
To facilitate games in the first week of play, please phone the club on 01771 622225 on Thursday 17 th
September and Friday 18 th September between 10 am and 2pm to book.
Club league games will commence at a date to be advised.
Please be patient during these times as the committee are trying their best for the benefit of the club
and all members.
The committee can only stress the importance of having members email addresses within the Bowler
management system, so we can put out a blanket email to all members with any important information,
such as this.
We do realise that some members do not have an email address or have access to the website or
Facebook. Could all others please ensure that this information is passed around.

On entrance to the club, the mandatory track and trace sheet will have to be filled out with name and
time of entry to the club. As we will be using a different exit from the club, a separate sheet will require
to be filled out when exiting with name and time of exit from the club.
A one way system will be in use within the club to minimize bottlenecks and to aid in correct social
Entrance to the club will be from the normal entrance, whilst the exit will be from the lounge emergency
exit. If any member has difficulty using the stairs at this exit, the entrance may be used but please
adhere to the correct social distancing requirements.
There has been a temporary changing room set up in the lounge area, with seats spaced out to allow for
correct social distancing. Please place all jackets on the backs of the chairs and leave all shoes under the
chairs. Please do not leave any valuables in this area.
The changing rooms are NOT be used for changing. If members require access to lockers, this will be
strictly on a 1 in / 1 out basis.
Face coverings are to be worn whilst entering, exiting and moving around within the building.
When on the rink or when seated, face coverings may be removed.
There are specific rules when on the rink and a separate rules sheet will be on the rink table.
All regular games will be of 90 minute duration. The bell will ring 13 minutes before the end of the
session to signify that the end should be completed and one more end played.
There will be 30 minutes between sessions to allow for cleaning of equipment and to minimize
bottlenecks of members in the changing area.
Members are asked to arrive no earlier than 15 mins before the session start time.
All jacks and mats to be placed at the cleaning station in the stadium at the end of the session, to allow
for them to be santized prior to the start of the next session.
The bar area will have separate rules for social distancing as per the guidance received from the Scottish
Government for the hospitality sector. Signs will be posted in this area.
Duty persons are not expected to enforce the rules, but can advise on the rules. All members are
expected to adhere to the rules.
This note only points out some of the main changes which will be seen by members, please read any
further notices which will be displayed in the club. They are there for your guidance.

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